About RAJE Temp mail (Ads Free)

Here are few things we want to tell you about us and our services.

RAJE Temp Mail is free disposable email service provider. It is free for lifetime. No sign up required. Just set your desired username and go. This service given only for stay away from spam. Our Temporary Mail service is far better than another provider in the market. This service created only to maintain user privacy in online.

1. You can use Raje Temp Mail instead of your Personal Email Address at almost everywhere to avoid spams.

2. We never read your emails and all received emails on our servers are deleted after 1 days.

3. You can download your mail after downloading you can delete your mail if you want.

4. You can bookmark the email url after opening it to access it frequently.

5. Avoid use of these emails on Personal Accounts eg. Personal Facebook or Recovery Emails.

6. The Domain www.rajetempmail.com is permanent while other alternative domains keeps changing time to time. So for long period use emails from the domain rajetempmail.com

7. All emails are public, anyone with exact email address can access these inboxes.

8. RAJETemp Mail is not responsible for damage or loss for any matter from these emails.

9. Use of these Emails is not illegal.

10. You cannot reply to these emails, Its a Receiving only email services. (We cannot allow someone to spam from our emails.

11. We never ask for your personal information including email accounts or password, also we never email you from our Disposable Emails.

12. You can contact us by sending us an email at [email protected] about queries.

+91 7977249280

Mumbai, India